The Twelfth Doctor and the First Doctor both started out on Doctor Who at the age of 55, have school teachers from Coal Hill School as companions, and don’t know how to fly the TARDIS.



And the award for sneakiest insult in the history of ever goes to…


"You’ve been here before?"

"Yes, yes, yes, I came here a long time ago, with my granddaughter."

with my granddaughter

with my granddaughter


Sassy Nine is having none of your shit

Hey There, Rose Tyler
18,707 plays


Hey there Rose Tyler
What’s it like in your dimension?
I’m a thousand worlds away
But I’m still seeing your reflection
In the blue…
My hearts are broken without you…
I swear it’s true.

Hey there Rose Tyler
Don’t you worry ‘bout my safety
If I ever get in trouble
I’ll just run and shout ALLONS-Y,
Nothing new.
Still got some running left to do,
I’ll run to you…
Oh! It’s what you’ve done to me,
Oh, across the galaxies.
Oh, it’s what you’ve done to me,
Oh, you and your BAD WOLF tendencies,
What you’ve done to me…

Hey there Rose Tyler when I’d first regenerated
I knew something now was different, new, 
And simply fascinating
It was you…
I found love inside that box of blue;
And so did you…
Hey there Rose Tyler
I’ve got so much left to say
If it’s my last chance now to tell you true
That I’ve wanted to say this for some time…
Please don’t forget me now, 
Don’t cry…
Rose Tyler, I…
Oh! It’s what you’ve done to me!
Oh, across the galaxies…
Oh, it’s what you’ve done to me!
Oh, you and your BAD WOLF tendencies…
I’d walk 500 miles for you,
500 more, and when I’m through
I’d fall down at your door and then I’d say…

Rose Tyler there’s not time enough
To tell you all the ways I think you’re brilliant
And I’ve missed you since that day…

Rose Tyler I can promise you,
That I’d break time and space for you,
The universe will remember your name!

I’m on my way!
Hey there Rose Tyler 
You be good and don’t you miss me
You’ve got TenToo now to help you through
But I can’t re-write hist’ry,
Not this time.
There’s nothing I would rather do…
But I’ll stand at Bad Wolf Bay with you…
Hey there Rose Tyler 
Don’t be blue…
Just kiss TenToo…
Oh! It’s what you’ve done to me! 
Oh, across the galaxies.
Oh! It’s what you’ve done to me!
Oh, you and your BAD WOLF tendencies,
What you’ve done to me…

Oh-oh, whoa-o-o-oo,



I’m so glad I met you.